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논문 상세정보

Extension of Source Projection Analytic Nodal $S_N$ Method for Analysis of Hexagonal Assembly Cores


We have extended the source projection analytic nodal discrete ordinates method (SPANDOM) for more flexible applicability in analysis of hexagonal assembly cores. The method (SPANDOM-FH) does not invoke transverse integration but instead solves the discrete ordinates equation analytically after the source term is projected and represented in hybrid form of high-order polynomials and exponential functions. SPANDOM-FH which treats a hexagonal node as one node is applied to two fast reactor benchmark problems and compared with TWOHEX. The results of comparison indicate that the present method SPANDOM-FH predicts accurately $k_eff$ and flux distributions in hexagonal assembly cores. In addition, SPANDOM-FH gives the continuous two dimensional intranodal scalar flux distributions in a hexagonal node. The reentering models between TWOHEX and SPANDOM were also compared and it was confirmed that SPANDOM's model is more realistic. Through the results of benchmark problems, we conclude that SPANDOM-FH has the sufficient accuracy for the nuclear design of fast breeder reactor (FBR) cores with hexagonal assemblies.

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