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We have investigated the two types of voltage-dependent outward potassium (K) currents, i.e. delayed rectifier K current ($I_{K(V)}$) and 'A-like' transient outward K current ($I_{to}$) with patch-clamp technique in single smooth muscle cells (SMCs) isolated from rabbit basilar artery, and investigated the characteristics of them. The time-courses of activation were well fitted by exponential function raised to second power ($n^2$) in $I_{K(V)}$ and fourth power ($n^4$) in $I_{to}$. The activation, inactivation and recovery time courses of $I_{to}$ were much faster than that of $I_{K(V)}$. The steady-state activation and inactivation of $I_{K(V)}$ was at the more hyperpolarized range than that of $I_{to}$ contrary to the reports in other vascular SMCs. Tetraethylammonium chloride (TEA; 10 mM) markedly inhibited $I_{K(V)}$ but little affected $I_{to}$. 4-Aminopyridine (4-AP) had similar inhibitory potency on both currents. While a low concentration of $Cd^{2+}$ (0.5 mM) shifted the current- voltage relationship of $I_{to}$ to the positive direction without change of maximum conductance, $Cd^{2+}$ did not cause any appreciable change for $I_{K(V)}$.

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