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Water transport in highly-permeable membranes is facilitated by some specialized pathways, which are called aquaporins (AQP). AQP1 (AQP-CHIP) is the first recognized aquaporin identified from red cells and renal proximal tubules. Up until now 4 other aquaporin homologs have been reported. Each aquaporin has its unique tissue distribution and regulatory mechanims. To elucidate molecular mechanisms for their transcription regulation and tissue-specific expression isolation of aquaporin genes is required. To clone promoters of the AQP family mouse genomic library was screened by the 1st exon-specific probe of AQP4, and 5 different plaques were positively hybridized. Phage DNAs were purified and characterized by restriction mapping and sequencing. One of them is the mouse AQP-CD gene. The gene was consisted of 4 exons and the exon-intron boundaries of mouse AQP-CD gene were identified at identical positions in other related genes. The 5'-flanking region of AQP-CD gene contains one classic TATA box, a GATA consensus sequence, an E-box and a cyclic AMP-responsive element. The cloning of the mouse AQP-CD gene, of which product is expressed in the collecting duct and is responsible for antidiuresis by vasopressin, will contribute to understand the molecular mechanisms of tissue-specific expression and regulation of AQP-CD gene under various conditions.

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