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논문 상세정보

쥐의 태아 흉선 조직 배양을 이용한 면역조절제 검색방법 확립

The Screening Condition for the Immune Regulatory Responsor Using Mouse Fetal Thymic Organ Culture

생약학회지 v.28 no.4 , 1997년, pp.286 - 292  

We studied the screening condition for immune regulatory responsor. We focused on the T-lymphocytes leer this purpose. Mouse fetal thymic organ culture (FTOC) system and flow cytometric analysis were mainly used in this experiment. Even if FTOC is carried out in vivo condition, the pattern of thymic development in the condition of FTOC is similar to that of in vivo condition. In this regard, FTOC system might be very powerful tool to screen the immune regulator, especially concerning on T cells. To establish the optimum condition of FTOC to screen the Immune regulator, we focused on the optimum amount of dose and culture period. The cell number and surface antigens on T cells were also analysed by using hemacytometer and flow cytometer. To monitor the differentiation event, anti-CD3, anti-CD4 and anti-CD8 antibodies were used. Alkoxyglycerol and Phellodendri Cortex were used fur positive and negative control, respectively. Astragalus membranceus was used as test sample. From our analysis, we reached to conclusions that the best dose of extract is $50\;{\mu}g/ml$ of culture medium, the best culture period is for 9 days, and ethanol used as solvent has no toxicity to FTOC.

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