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논문 상세정보


Gamijiyu-tang (GJT) described originally in the Dong Eui Bo Gam, a traditional reference for oriental medicine in the Korea, has been clinically used for treatment of chronic liver disease. In order to evaluate scientifcally a hepatoprotective effect of GJT in the liver fibrotic disease, the present study investigated how GJT improves a hepatic function in the dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)-treated rat. DMN treatment caused a significant increase of relative liver weight to the body at 28 days after DMN induction. Administration of with a clinical dose decreased significantly the sAST level $(158.8{\pm}7.76\;IU/L)$ elevated by DMN in jection (p<0.01). A similar phenomenon was also observed at change of both Salt and Salt level in the GJT and/or DMN-treated animal (p<0.01, p<0.05, respectively). A remarkable increase of hydroxyproline was observed by treatment of DMN with comparing to the normal rat $(361.9{\pm}7.35\;vs.\;1278.1{\pm}52.9\;{\mu}g/g\;tissue,\;p<0.01)$. This was significantly reduced by a simultaneous treatment of GJT with DMN for 21 days (p<0.05), but not recovered completely to its normal value. In addition. GJT administration ameliorated conspicuously the DMN-induces histopathological changes of liver such as hemorrhage. Cell necrosis and fibrosis. Tak'en together, results described here demonstrated scientifically in first the medicinal efficacy of GJT by using in vivo animal model, indicating that GJT improves the DMN-induced hepatic injury through reducing an excessive accumulation of collagen and histopathological changes. The decreased collagen content may be a pivotal process for GJT to improve hepatic function in the DMN-induced liver fibrosis. The present study suggests that GJT may be useful for and applicable to the treatment of hepatic fibrosis in chronic liver disease.

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