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논문 상세정보

나양시대(奈良時代)의 식생활(食生活

A study on dietary culture in Nara Dynasty in JAPAN


The Nara Dynasty of Japan lasted from 710 to 784 A.D, which corresponds to the period of the Unified Shilla Kingdom of Korea. The Nara Dynasty enacted the 'Daiho Law and Ordinance' by referring to those of Tang Dynasty of China. Under these legal systems, the Ministries were defined, and foods were used for paying taxes or as currency. The characteristics of the dietary culture in Nara Dynasty were as follows. 1) They obtained food from rice and other grain farming, hunting and fishery. Rice was their main staple and was also used for preparing porridge and brewing wine. 2) Under the influence of Buddhism, meat was prohibited, and milks or dairy products were supplemented for improving malnutritional status. 3) They also used seasonings, spices and sweeteners to enhance the taste and produced medicines by extracting plants, animals and minerals. 4) While chopsticks were made of bamboo, willow, silver, shell, tree or bronze, such utensils as pan earthenware steamer, or charcoal pots were used for preparing meals. 5) Highly qualified utensils, made of porcelains painted with lacguetr, metal, glass, horn and stone, were produced as handcraft art wad developed. 6) Chinese style cousines and cooking methods were popular and various types of preserving techniques like drying or salting were used. Processed cookies were also developed. 7) Although flour was used mainly among noble class people, ordinary people also used it. The royal families ate milk products a lot and even fried foods. 8) One can say that Buddism exerted an influence on Vegetarianism from this era.

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