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논문 상세정보

베트남의 식문화에 관한 연구 -어장문화와 일상식

A Study on Vietnam Food Culture -Fermented Fish sauce Culture and Daily meal-


This study was performed with survay in the field and literature. The result were; 1. In Vietnam, They took their meal in three times a day. They have taken Nuoc nam (fish sauce) with sliced red pepper, half a lime, etc... in every day every night. Fish Sauce was prepared with small fish (generally fresh- water fish), the same amount of salt, and stored in 8 months, and made filltered fluid. It's Nuoc mam. They have gained protein sauce from it. 2. Their basic menu were composed with rice, soup, food with marine products and meat (generally pork), various vegetables, tropical fruit. 3. Food of cereals were Com Trang (white rice), Pho (rice noodle), Chao (rice gruel), Banh Trang (rice paper), Banh mi (bread) etc... Food of meat were Ho sua, Banh bao chien (barbecued little pork), Suon Nuon (grilled pork), Cha Lua (sausage of pork) etc..., Thit be nhung (grilled beef, Dog meat, Chicken, Duck, Frog. Food of fish were generally fresh-water fish, Ca Chien (grilled fish), Canh chua (soup with sour taste), Ca chem chung (steamed fish with fragrant vegetable), Lobster, Crab, Oyster, Cuttlefish, Shellfish, etc... Food of vegetables were Doa Hanh (Kimchi with a welsh onion), Rau xao hon hop (roasted vegetables), Goi Tom (salad), Canh he dau hu (soup) etc..., and They took much food of trophical fruit, Tra (Tea), Coffee, Lua Moi (distilled liquor). 4. For example, Their Daily meal were composed of Sup Bong Ca (Soup), Heo Sua, Banh Bao Chien (barbecued little Pork), Top Hap (steamed shrimp), Cua (steamed Crab), Luon Um (bioled a fresh-water eel), Lau Thap Cam, Hai Sam Sac Nam Dong Co, Trai Cay.

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  1. Kim, Up-Sik ; Han, Myung-Joo 2009. "The Changes of Side Dishes in "Eumsikdimibang", "Gyuhapchongseo", "Chosunm usangsinsikyorijebub" according to the Current of the Time" 韓國食生活文化學會誌 = Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture, 24(4): 366~375 


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