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논문 상세정보

한국 여성지에 실린 식품광고 내용의 영양학적 분석 - 1968년-1995년 까지 발행된 여성동아를 중심으로

The Study of Nutrition-related Messages in Food Advertising by Content analysis of a Women's Magazine - Women's Dong-A, 1968-1995-


To observe trends over time in the consumers' preference for food purchasing, a content analysis of food advertising in Women's Dong-A was conducted with the five-year intervals from 1968 to 1995. Advertisements for food were classified with the types of foods represented, the types of food products sold, and the types of promotional statements. The results of this study can be summarized as follows: 1. The percentages of advertisements for Ingredients &Condiments group; Fats, Sugars & Desserts group; and Beverages group were peaked in the 1970s; advertisements for Protein foods, Dairy products, and Fruits & Vegetables began to increase in early 1980s; and advertisements for Starch & Cereals stabilized over time. 2. The percentages of advertisements for products classified as Fresh, Frozen and Bottled foods increased linearly; and Canned, Dry products (whether ready-to-eat or required reconstitution) decreased. 3. The percentages of promotional statements about General Health Nutrition and Contains specific nutrients were all very high, although they may decrease in recent decade; promotional statements about Minimizes or Eliminates Certain substances increased linearly over time. 4. The advertisements of Consumer-related statement were very high over time. The proportion of statement about Taste was 60.6% of all advertisements.

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