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논문 상세정보

자취 대학생의 식생활 실태에 대한 조사연구 -원주지역 중심으로

A Study on Dietary Patterns and Behaviors of Self-boarding College Students in Wonju Areas


The purpose of this study is to investigate the dietary patterns and behaviors of self-boarding college students in Wonju. This survey was carried out through questionnaries and the subjects were 118 man and 145 woman students of five colleges in Wonju. The results of this study were summarized as follows: 1. The students who live in Kangwon Province, reaching 49.0% of the subjects, are the most prevalent. In the frequency of homecoming, 'twice a month' is the greatest. One-room system is the most prevalent in the self-boarding patterns. 2. 90.8% of the students have the electric rice cooking pot. Portable gas range, gas range, electric stove, in this order, are more general as cooking appliances. Specially, more than half of students, either male or female, have refrigerators. 3. 80.4% of students cook their own meal. 'once a day' in cooking frequency is the most prevalent. 4. The students, either male or female, prepare breakfast and dinner for themselves at home, and have lunch at the school cafeteria. They choose boiled rice mostly at any mealtime. 5.In the frequency of drinking, 'three times a week' in man students and 'two or three times a month' in woman students are the most prevalent. The drink shop and their own self-boarding room are most preferred as the place for drinking in the both case of male and female. 6. In the quantity of drinking of male students, 'more than three bottles of Soju', 'two bottles of Soju', and 'one bottle of Soju', in this order, are recorded more frequently and in the case of female students, comes 'one bottle of Soju' and 'one bottle of beer' in that order. 7. Male students drink to have a dim consciousness and female students to feel good. In this case there are differences. 8. After drinking in the previous night, more female students have a breakfast than male. While more female students have any kind of food, most of male students have a broth to relieve hangover or ramyun. 9. The causes for no breafast after drinking were 'rising late', 'stomachache', 'habits' in this cider. 10. After students self-examine their own health, they express their health state as 'usual', 'very healthy' 'not healthy' in this order. Most of male and female students point out the stomach as a painful part.

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