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$Amino-{\beta}-lactam$ antibiotics are absorbed by the dipeptide transporter in the small intestine. These uptakes are coupled to a proton influx. The inward proton gradient is partly induced by the $Na^+/H^+$ exchanger and calcium ion is involved in control of this antiport. Interaction between ampicillin which is one of the $Amino-{\beta}-lactam$ antibiotics and nifedipine which is one of calcium channel blocking agents was studied in rats in vivo and with rabbit jejunum mounted on the Sweetana/Grass diffusion cells in vitro. Bioavailability of ampicillin was increased significantly when nifedipine was co-administered orally in rats. There were no differences in the distribution phase and the elimination phase when ampicillin was given either alone or with nifedipine intravenously. Conditions for in vitro experiments were determined. The lift rate of $O_2/CO_2$ gas was controlled to 3 bubbles/sec and ampicillin was stable in the Kreb's buffer at pH 6.0. Absorption of ampicillin was the greatest when the completely-stripped serosal membrane was used. Transport of ampicillin from mucosal to serosal side in the rabbit jejunum was enhanced by 32% in the presence of nifedipine (p=0.059). Above results suggest that nifedipine might increase the plasma level of ampicillin via the improved absorption in the intestine rather than the reduction in the elimination or/and alteration in the distribution.

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