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To make a stable o/w emulsion, the effects of egg lecithin as an emulsifier and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as an auxiliary emulsifier on the physical stability of emulsion were investigated. The oil-in-water emulsion system was manufactured by microfluidizer and evaluated the physical stability. Average particle size and size distribution of emulsion was measured by dynamic light scattering analyzer and interfacial tension was measured. From the interfacial tension tested, critical micelle concentration of the egg lecithin was 0.1 %w/v and optimal concentration for the preparation of emulsion was 1.0 %w/v. The mean particle size was about $0.2\;{\mu}m$ which was suitable for injections. The short-term accelerated stability studies were conducted by centrifugation, freeze-thaw method and shaking of the emulsion samples. The addition of PVP was caused the reduction in the particle size and improved the physical stability of emulsion. These results suggested that a mixed interfacial film comprising the egg lecithin and PVP was formed at the o/w interface and it was effective in preventing phase separation under thermic or mechanical stress. We used antineoplaston A10 (A10) as a model drug which is peptide and amino acid derivative having a action to the living organism against the development of neoplastic growth by a nonimmunological progress. It has a poor solubility in water and there may be a difficulty in formulation of A10. Emulsion formulation study about A10 was performed. Solubility of A10 in emulsion was about five times as high as that in water. From the results of solubility and partition coefficient, almost A10 molecules in o/w emulsion exist in the interface between oil and water.

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