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논문 상세정보

이프리플라본 서방정 제조 및 약동학적 평가

Preparation and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Ipriflavone Sustained Release Tablet


Ipriflavone is non-hormonal antiosteoporotic drug which inhibits bone resorption by reducing recruitment and/or differentiation of osteoclasts, and stimulates proliferation and differentiation of osteoblast, and also enhances calcitonin secretion in the presence of estrogen. Although some kinds of immediately-released preparation of ipriflavone are available in commercial market, in present study, we tried to formulate sustained-release tablet using coating method with hydrophobic and hydrophilic coating materials. In vitro dissolution test was applied to evaluate sustained-release patterns of several test preparations (Test tablet A, B and C) designed using different preparation method or different compositions. From the results of dissolution test, test tablet A which showed suitable dissolution profile was selected as the candidate of new product. Pharmacokinetic evaluation of test drug, ipriflavone sustained-release tablets, was conducted in 6 beagle dogs weighing $11.5{\pm}0.5\;Kg$ compared with $Theobon^{\circledR}$ tablet, immediately-released tablet (Kukjae Pharm. Co.) as reference drug. Two products were randomly administered to 6 beagle dogs, and after 1 week, cross-over study was conducted. From the present study, AUC and $T_{max}$ of test product were significantly different from those of reference product (p<0.05), respectively$(AUC\;:\;3646.28{\pm}472.56\;vs\;3646.28{\pm}472.56\;ng{\cdot}hr/ml,\;T_{max}\;:\;4.33{\pm}1.03\;vs\;1.42{\pm}0.38\;hr)$. But $C_{max}$ was not significantly different between two products (p>0.05) $(\;512.52{\pm}48.18\;vs\;443.97{\pm}140.53\;ng/ml)$. From the results of pharmacokinetic evaluations, it was noted that absorption amount of test product was increased, but absorption rate was delayed and $C_{max}$ of two products were not changed. And it was concluded that redesign of the sustained-release preparation which has a lower content of iprifavone rather than test tablet A must be considered.

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