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논문 상세정보

펄스 도플러 레이다의 수신단 이득 제어를 위한 자동 이득 조절 장치의 구현

Implementation of automatic gain control circuit for the gain control of receiving stage in pulse doppler radar


This paper describes the design, the manufacture and the development of th eautomatic gain control unit which ajdusts the gain of IF processor in the high sensitive & multifunctional receiver unit (HMR) for pulse doppler radar system. Accodording to the effective distnce of target, radar cross section, and a lot of external environments (such as clutter), the receiving stage of RADAR system often deviates from dynamic range. To solve this kind o fproblem, continuous/pulse wave AGC are realized, make it possible to control the gain characteristics of receiver stably, and can increase dynamic range linearly by adjusting the gain slope of receiver which is limited by 1-dB gain compression point. In this study, AGC unit is designed to regulate the total gain of receiver by using te analog feedback theory. It also has rapid enough response to process pulse signal. This study presents the gain control method of IF, the real manufacture technique (the package-type components) and the measurement performance of AGC.

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