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논문 상세정보

다중모드 간섭결합기와 광도파로열로 구성된 저손실 NxN광도파로 격자 파장 라우터의 설계

Design of a low loss NxN waveguide grating router composed of multimode interference couplers and arrayed waveguide grating


Untill now, the most well-known cofiguration for waveguide grating router(WGR) is composed of radiative star couplers and arrayed waveguide grating(AWG), which usually suffer form the rdiation loss of around 3dB or more. Therefore, te improved design of WGRs is needed to reduce the loss. In ths paper, we propose a novel WGR composed of multimode interference couplers which have good unifiormity, fabrication tolerance, and very low excess loss, and suggest the efficient algorithm to find the proper path length differences of AWG for given channel spacing and channel assignment to each output prot. The simulated spectral responses of the proposed WGR using the finite difference beam propagation method (BPM) show that the excess loss is less than 0.3dB and the crosstalk less than -25dB in case of 4x4 WGR, and the excess loss less than 0.4dB and the crosstalk less than -25dB in case of 8x8 WGR for all the channel wavelengths.

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