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논문 상세정보


This paper presents an automatic tuning method for parameters of a multivaiable self-tuning velocity-type PID controller which adapts to changes in the system parameters with time delays and noises. The velocity-type PID control structure is determined in the process of minimizing the variance of the auxiliarly output, and self-tuning effect is achieved through the recursive least square algorithm at the parameter estimation stage and also through the Robbins-Monro algorithm at the stage of optiminzing the design parameters of the controller. The proposed PID type multivariable self-tuning method is simple andeffective compared with other esisting multivariable self-tuning methods. Computer simulation has shown that the proposed algorithm is beter than the trial-and-error method in the tracking performance.

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  1. 2004. "Design of a direct multivariable neuro-generalised minimum variance self-tuning controller" 電子工學會論文誌. Journal of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea. SC, 시스템 및 제어, 41(4): 21~28 

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