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논문 상세정보

웨이브렛 변환과 신경회로망을 이용한 SMD IC 패턴인식

Pattern recognition of SMD IC using wavelet transform and neural network


In this paper, a patern recognition method of surface mount device(SMD) IC using wavelet transform and neural network is proposed. We chose the feature parameter according to the characteristics of coefficient matrix which is obtained from four level discrete wavelet transform (DWT). These feature parameters are normalized and then used for the input vector of neural network which is capable of adapting the surroundings such as variation of illumination, arrangement of objects and translation. Experimental results show that when the same form of feature pattern, as is used for learning, is put into neural network and gained 100% rate ofrecognition irrespective of SMD IC kinds, location and variation of illumination. In the case of unused feature pattern for learning, the recognition rate is 85.9% under the similar surroundings, where as an average recognition rate is 96.87% for the case of reregulated value of illumination. Proosed method is relatively simple compared with the traditional space domain method in extracting the feature parameter and is also well suited for recognizing the pattern's class, position and existence. It can also shorten the processing tiem better than method extracting feature parameter with the use of discrete cosine transform(DCT) and adapt the surroundings such as variation of illumination, the arrangement and the translation of SMD IC.

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