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논문 상세정보


On ATM-based wired/wireless integrated network, we apply the connection re-routing method[1] which reduced the inter-cluster handoff delay by reserving VPI/VCLs for possible inter-cluster handoff calls in advance. Additionally, we propose wired resource reservation methods, which are ausiliary method and split method, for handoff QoS guarantee of various expected services. The characteristics of these methods reserve wired connection resources based on the information on the possible inter-cluster handoff calls. With mathematical analysis, we also propose each algorithm and cost function for deciding an optimal amount in reserving resources. With numberical examples, we can see that the auxiliary method effectively reduces the cost in all cases(.alpha.>.betha., .alpha.=.betha., and .alpha.<.betha.). The split method has a little cost-reduction effects, when handoffs call does not have priority over new calls (that is, .alpha..leq..betha.) and the total capacity is relatively large. In other cases, the split method, however, has effective cost-reduction effects. The numerical resutls show that these reservation methods ca flexibly cope with the time-variant environment and meet the QoS requriements on the inter-cluster handoff calls.

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