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노년기 여성의 식이 섭취실태와 주요 음식의 1일 1회 섭취분량 조사연구

A Study of the Dietary Intake Status and One Portion Size of Commonly Consumed Food and Dishes in Korean Elderly Women


The use of semiquantitative food frequency questionnaires to estimate dietary intake has become widespread in nutritional epidemiologic studies. It had been suggested that knowledge about a person's usual portion size of each meal in addition to consumption frequency will improve the accuracy of this method. This study was performed to investigate the dietary intake status(nutrient, food, and dish intake) and one portion size of commonly consumed food and dishes to develop a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire that will be used to expore the relationship between the incidence of cardiovascular disease and diet in Korean women after menopause. Intake of food or dish in 123 elderly women were measured by 3-day food records in March to May, 1996. The results obtained in this study were summarized as follow : 1) Calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin E intakes were less adequate than Recommended dietary allowances(RDA). 2) The subjects who consumed more than 20% of the energy from fat were 35% and the subjects consumed dietary cholesterol more than 300mg were 18$\%$. 3) The most frequently consumed foods or dishes by the subjects were Korean cabbage kimchi〉cooked rice, well-milled〉laver〉apple〉strawberry〉mixed rice〉soybean soup. 4) The major dish groups which contributed to most daily nutrient intakes were cooked rice, Korean cabbage kimchi, soybean soup because of large amount and high frequency of intake although they do not contain large amount of most nutrients. 5) One portion size of commomly consumed foods and dishes in elderly women was different from one portion size suggested in the Korean nutrition society. This study provides information for the design of data-based semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire. for Korean elderly women. In addition, they may be useful to health care planners or nutrition educators. (Korean J Community Nutrition 2(4) : 578-592, 1997)

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