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논문 상세정보

직영 및 위탁 사업체 급식소 영양사에 대한 작업자 지향적 직무분석(제 1 보) : 직무 수행 능력 요건

An Analysis of Competencies of Dietitians in Self-operated vs. Contracted Employee Foodservice by Worker-oriented Job Analysis Methodology


The job characteristics and competencies of 285 dietitians in employee foodservices were investigated by worker-oriented job analysis methodology. The purposes of this study were to : a) determine the knowledge, abilities, skills and other characteristics(KASO, hereafter) needed for dietitians in two types of employee foodservice groups(self-operated vs. contracted) and b) the analysis of the degree of frequency and importance and entry requirements of KASO items listed below : their degree of frequency, the level of importance and their function as entry requirements. The 134 KASO items would be divided into 12 task categories. The questionnaire was mailed to 250 dietitians who are members of The Korean Dietetic Association Practice Group in self-operated foodservices(hereafter group A) and 250 dietitians who are employed in contracted foodservice companies(hereafter group B). Completed questionnaires were received from 285 dietitians(121 in self-operated, 164 in contracted) ; with a response rate of 57%. Statistical data analysis was completed using the SPSS/win and the SAS/win packages. The results of this study can be summarized as follows. 1) Analysis of the degree of frequency, importance and entry requirements of 134 KASO items in group A showed a high priority(score〉4.0) placed on 14 items in relation to dietetic tasks and 9 items in relation to human attributes, whereas in group B 19 items in relation to dietetic tasks and 11 items in relation to human attributes. 2) Comparing responses about the KASO items in the 12 task categories, there was a significant difference between the two sample groups with regard to degree of frequency : group A scored 3.29, group B scored 3.50(p〈0.01). With regard to importance of KASO items in 12 task categories, group A scored 3.78 and group B scored 3.88 showing no significant differences. With to entry requirements of KASO items in 12 task categories, group A scored 3.29 and group B scored 3.46 showing a significant difference(p〈0.05). (Korean J Community Nutrition 2(4) : 593-604, 1997)

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  1. 2002. "The Development of Standard and Disposition for Effective Job Performance of School Food Service Dietician" 韓國營養學會誌 = The Korean journal of nutrition., 35(7): 800~817 


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