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In stereo vision, camera modeling is very important because the accuracy of the three dimensional locations depends considerably on it. In the existing stereo camera models, two camera planes are located in the same plane or on the optical axis. These camera models cannot be used in the active vision system where it is necessary to obtain two stereo images simultaneously. In this paper, we propose four kinds of stereo camera models for active stereo vision system where focal lengths of the two cameras are different and each camera is able to rotate independently. A single closed form solution is obtained for all models. The influence of the stereo camera model to the field of view, occlusion, and search area used for matching is shown in this paper. And errors due to inaccurate focal length are analyzed and simulation results are shown. It is expected that the three dimensional locations of objects are determined in real time by applying proposed stereo camera models to the active stereo vision system, such as a mobile robot.

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