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논문 상세정보

외식산업의 마케팅 운영방안에 관한 연구 -호텔 식음료를 중심으로

식음료경영연구 v.8 , 1997년, pp.179 - 195  

Today's hotel cannot be defined merely as a place of providing food and lodgin. It must be a high level cultural ground serving as a place of rest for the people and as a place of art, culture and communication for the local community. Although each hotel has its own distinctiveness it must share a unified services and product sales strategies with one another in order to raise each other's sales values. The service is evaluated on the basis of the customer's own living standard and social class. There ought to be variety of personal and material services taking the sophistication and complexity of the customer's needs into onsideration. More effective marketing strategy is called for upon knowing such sales strategy and service marketing of the hotel management. Hotel's food marketing must take into consideration the product's simulaneous and vanishing qualities, its dependency upon ordering and its relationship to human services industries. Methods of increasing profit and customer satisfaction management need to be made. Especially the changes in the customer's tourist mind set and eat-out behavior play as important variabls, and the management needs to be reflexive enough to respond quickly to those changes.

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