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논문 상세정보

외식산업체의 등급평가에 관한 연구

A Study on the Rating of Restaurants in Korea

식음료경영연구 v.7 , 1997년, pp.41 - 59  

After the industrial revolution, we have changed whole life-styles. This trend has brought a change in our eating style. Nowadays, the great number of people go out to eat-even three meals a day. As a result, the growth rate of food service industry increases day by day. Some restaurants are managed by the large scale company and others by the small scale ownership. Though developed countries are in the maturity step of the product life cycle in this field, we are in the growth step. We will hold the in 2002. A lot of tourists and the press will rush to Korea. They must have their meals at the restuarant. Therefore, we need more practice to satisfy them and to lead to successful management in this field. Also, we need an evaluation to qualify each business so that our food service industry does not decline compared to other country's. This study is trying to find how to evaluate and qualify each business in the various areas: service, the quality of food, the mood of the restaurant and so on. In addition, it includes the restaurant rating form.

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