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논문 상세정보

불포화 점성토의 등방압축 상태에서 발생하는 항복곡면과 경화감수

Yield Surface and Hardening Laws of Unsaturated Clayey Soils for Isotropic Compression


This paper presents yield surfaces and hardening laws for describing the state of an unsaturated soil under isotropic compression and suction changes. The yield surface is formulated within the framework of hardening plasticity using two independent sets of stress variables : the excess of total stress over air pressure and the suction. And the application of the yield surfaces and hardening laws are confirmed from the result of the experiment. To this end a series of suction-controlled isotropic tests are conducted on clayey soils. Matric suction is controlled by the axis translation technique using high air entry ceramic disk. The specimens are compacted using a half of Proctor compaction energy with 5 % lower of water content than the optimum moisture contents. From test results, existence of the yield surfaces and an application of hardening laws to samples are confirmed by comparison between test and predicted results. And it is confirmed that LC yield locus is extened with the total plastic deformations induced by suction or stress changes, however, SI yield locus is only extended with the plastic deformations by induced suction changes.

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