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논문 상세정보

양산-물금 충적점토의 토질특성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Characteristics of Alluvial Clay in Yangsan-Mulgum


Experiments both in laboratory and field were performed to compare and analyze the characteristics of alluvial clay. The alluvial clay was sampled in test site in which large-scaled tests for the part of the site are under process to suggest the rational method for alluvial clay and the criterion for ground settlement monitoring system. The followings were observed through the experiments : 1. Natural water content, plastic limit, and liquid limit of alluvial clay composed of highly fine grains were 40~80%, 10~20%, and 30~55%, respectively. The values of these properties were relatively small at the ground surface, while the values showed maximum at G.L.- l0m and gradually decreased below the level. 2. Shear strength of alluvial clay was proportionally increased to the depth. Unconfined and triaxial compressive strengths were 0.2~0.6kgf/$cm^2$ and 0.1~0.3kgf/$cm^2$, respectively. 3. Compression index and secondary compression index showed maximum values at G.L.-l0m and gradually decreased below the level. The value of consolidation coefficient was relatively large at the ground surface, constant with decreasing the depth, and incresed when G.L. was below -20m. 4. Piezocone test appeared that alluvial clay with N value of 2~4 was uniformly distributed with 20~ 30m thickness from the ground surface, sand seam was nonuniformly distributed, and penetration pore pressure was 0.8 ~ 1 times of the hydrostatic pressure. Undrained shear strength and consolidation coefficient were 0.04 ~ 0.76kgf / $cm^2$ and $2.88{\times} 10{^-4}~1.3{\times} 10{^-2} cm^2/s$ respectively.

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