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논문 상세정보

Cherepnov 송수기에 대한 배수제어방식의 실험적 특성

Experimental Characteristic of Drain Control to Cherepnov Water Lifter


The perpose of this study was to suggest the experimental characteristic of the Cherepnov Water Lifter following the drain mode. The Cherepnov Water Lifter(CWL), which is powered by the potential energy of water, can be set to operate automatically when the water m a tank is drained. In this study, a CWL is constructed in the valve drain controlling mode(VCM) and the siphon drain controlling mode(SCM), and a pressure transducer is installed. It was found that, in the VCM, intake flow volume is proportional to both delivery flow volume and drain flow volume. In the SCM, intake flow volume is proportional to drain flow volume, and the average delivery rate is proportional to both efficiency and the water utilization ratio. Also, in the VCM, the water utilization ratio is 35~49%, efficiency is 62~9O%, average delivery rate is 12.8~81.2$cm^3$/s, and the average drain rate is 14.O~91.5c$cm^3$/s. On the contrary in the SCM, the water utilization ratio is 1.7~38%, efficiency is 3~58%, average delivery rate is 3.1 ~69.2$cm^3$/s, and the average drain rate is shown as 114.5~ 183$cm^3$/s. As a result of the water utilization ratio, efficiency, average delivery rate, and average drain rate are compared, the VCM is found to be superior and the more economical mode. However, the VCM requires manpower and electricity to operate the electronic machinery involved, while the SCM requires no manpower or electricity at all. An economic evaluation of these differences will be necessary in the future. Also, in the SCM, studies to improve water utilization ratio and efficiency, to find the optimum height of the siphon for decreasing the average drain rate, and to determine the radius of curvature of throat have to be conducted in advance, since a large flow rate is drained during the priming action of the siphon.

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