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논문 상세정보

정주공동성의 공간적 존재형태에 관한 연구(1) -산간지역(평창군 미탄면)의 사례를 중심으로

Spatial Pattern of the Settlement-Communality in Rural Mountain Area


The drastic change of mountain community, which have led existing villages to a size reduction or an extinction, makes this study concentrate on finding out the new community unit as a spatial zone of dayily life and agricultural production. The communality which has played a key role in a aura settlement consistency has been focused on the socio-economic aspect till now, neglecting the spatia] nature. The settlement-communality( SC) putting a stress on the spatial aspect can be, therefore, shapec as being multi-dimensional, composed of both a horizontally areal coverage on the surface of the residential place and a vertically hierarchial relationship between settlements, by analyzing thro( elements of communality that are the economic, socio -cultural and spatial activities. The research site is located administratively in Milan-Myoun, Pyoungchang-Gun, Gangwon-Do that ha: the characteristics as a typical mountain community. The results of field survey of which the method i: to draw the activity zone from an interview with every village's head and some residents with th( prepared questionaire can be summarized as followings. Firstly, the SC in almost all villages tended to be weakened or extincted, none the less, the spatia zone of that overally enlarged and got out of natural village unit(hamlet). However the areal coverall on which the SC has an influence reaches up to the alliant domain of a few villages generally congruen with the lowest level administrative district, Secondly, the economic and social activity pattern in village life has a tendency to be directly linked with a upper central place, so that has induced the function of a central village in the middle-low settlement hierarchy to be largely shrinked. Not only the conventional residents'access to goods service but also the recent service-delivers'access to residents has gradually formed the vertical communality with direct linkage between the upper and the bottom level settlements Lastly, the enfeeblement of the SC in the lowest settlement level tends to be supplemented by enlarging the horizontal zone of the SC or especially by strengthening the vertical direct linkage system. The very this point makes the mountain community open to the external world and also makes the spatial unit of community be multi-dimensional just like a cubic.

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