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논문 상세정보

감포 지역의 제3기 층에서 산출되는 Ba-제올라이트인 웰자이트의 광물화학 및 열화학적 특성

Mineral Chemistry and Thermo-chemical Characterization of Wellsite, a Barrian Zeolite, from the Tertiary Formation in Gampo Area


Mineral description and mineralogical characterization were made for the wellsite, a barrian zeolite, which found as diagenetic alterations in the Miocene pyroclastic rocks in Gampo area. The wellsite occurs together with clinoptilolite, smectite and apatite as euhedral crystallites (0.2~0.4mm) forming interpenetraion twinning in the vesicles of altered pmice fragments. Compared to other reported wellsites, the wellsite is rather silicic (Si/(Al+Fe): 3.12-3.16) and Ca-rich. Unit cell dimensions and chemical formular determined from XRD, EMPA and TGA data are as follows:a=9.883$\AA$, b=14.204$\AA$, c=8.677$\AA$, $\beta$-124.764$^{\circ}$, (Ba0.57K0.36)(Ca1.18Na0.04)Al3.9Si12.1O32.13.9H2O.The cation composition of the Gampo wellsite, which shows an exchange reaction in the form of Ba2++Ca2+=2(K++Na-), is deviated far from the compositional range of a phillipsite-harmotome series. Due to higher abundance of divalent cations (Ca, Ba) and si in the wellsite, cimpared to those of the phillipsite and harmotome reported in other areas, the zeolite seems to be characteristic of higher water content (18.7 wt%) and higher thermal stability. XRD, chemical and thermo-chemical results of the wellsite reflects that wellsite is rather a Ba- and Ca-rich end member of a phillipsite-harmotome-wellsite series than an intermediate phase of phillipsite-harmotome series or a barrian variety of phillipste.

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