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책의 속성에 관한 연구

A study on wise sayings on the nature of book


98 wise sayings on the nature of book are collected from various books and analyzed in their meanings. The results of analyzing them are as follows: A book is a good friend, teacher, doctor, and guide of life. A book is an implement of enhancing man s culture and a vehicle of civilization. A book makes man find his own self and shows his way of life. A book has its own life, develops it, and doesn't lose its life, but its destination depends on its reader. Great books make man know, dominate, civilize the world. Good books are not easy to come in contact with, but immortal and life-long as a good friend. Bad books are not difficult to come in contact with, but poisonous and dull. You can judge a man by the book he reads. A book to be of help is to make man think. Great books make man begin his new life. Nationalities occupations, and periods of activity of the authors who said wise sayings are investigated and analyzed. First, the nationalities of the authors are such advanced countries with high culture as England(41%), France(21%), America(19%), Germany(5%) and Rome(5%). Secondary, their occupations are as follows : a man of letters(62%), philosopher(13%), politician(5%), and churchman(4%), and especially poet forms 32% of men of letters. Thirdly, their activity periods are mainly 19C-20C and the period form 38% of the whole.

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