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논문 상세정보

새로운 합성 농약인 KH-502의 급성 지연성 신경독성 시험에 관한 연구

A Study on Acute Delayed Neurotoxicity of KH-502, A Newly Synthesized Insecticide


Acute delayed neurotoxicity of KH-502 [O.O-Diethyl O-(1-phenyyl-3-trifluoromethyl-5-pyrazoyl) thiophosphoric acid ester], an insecticide synthesized newly in Korea, was studied in White Leghorn hens. The doses were determined on the basis of preliminary $LD_{50}$ study. High, middle and low doses were determined to be 1123 mg/kg, 762 mg/kg and 518 mg/kg, respectively. The animals were pretreated with atropine (30 mg/kg) prior to administration of KH-502. The chemical was administrated at the first and 21st day of the study. As positive controls, animals were admlnistrated with triorthocresylphosphate (TOCP 1000 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg). Animals administrated with TOCP or KH-502 were sacrificed by perfusion-fixation at 21st and 42nd day of the study, respectively. The central and peripheral nerve tissues were routinely treated for microscopic observation. As results, eight, three, one, and one chickens died within 2 day after adminiatration with signs of cholinergic acute toxicity in high, middle low and TOCP dose-group (500 mg/kg), respectively. No abnormal clinical signs were observed in the survived chickens administrated with KH-502 in the duration of the study. The chickens in positive control groups showed ataxia and incoordination at the 14th day after administration of TOCP. From necropsy, macroscopic changes were not observed in all groups including positive control groups. Histopathologically, oxonal swelling with myelin loss, focal gliosis, distention around axonal space were observed in the spinal cords of the chickens administrated with TOCP 1000 mg/kg. The lesions were distinct in the dorsal and lateral funiculi of cervical spinal cord, in the lateral and ventral funiculi of thoracic spinal cord and in ventral funiculi of lumbosacral spinal cord. Axonal swelling and mlcrogliosis were infrequently observed in the chickens of other groups including negative control one. However, they were nonspecifically distributed in the spinal cords. In this study, we concluded that the new chemical, KH-502 did not have acute delayed neurotoxicity in White Leghorn hens.

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