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논문 상세정보

과량의 생식소자극호르몬 처리를 받은 생쥐 폐쇄난포의 배란율과 초기배아 발생률의 변화

Ovulation Rate and Early Embryonic Development of Mouse Atretic Follicular Oocytes Induced by High-dose Gonadotropin


Mammalian ovary consists of various growing stages of follicles. Ovarian follicular growth and differentiation, however, can be distinguished into recruitment, growth, selectiona nd ovulation. while only minute of the selected follicles ovulate their oocytes, all the rest follicles disappear by atresia. this atresia is an important event of which physiological mechanism must be resolved. The present study was carried out to investigate the effects of various doses of pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin (PMSG) on the oocyte quality, ovulation rate, and the early embryonic development in immature mice. Immature mice were administrated with 5, 20, or 40 IU PMSG. At every 12 hour up to 72 hour after treatment, body and ovary weights were measured. Oocytes were flushed from the oviducts under the dissecting microscope and observed under the inverted microscope. Late 2-cell embryos were collected from the mice which were superovulated by the same dosage of PMSG followed by 5 IU hCG 47 hours after PMSG-treatment. The percentage of abnormal oocytes was higher in 20 or 40 IU PMSG-treated animals than 5 IU PMSG-treated ones. Ovulation occured at 12 hours afger PMSG injection in all experimental groups. The percentage of retrieved abnormal oocytes increased in the 20 or 40 IU PMSG-treated goups but not in 5 IU PMSG-treated group. There was no significant difference in the mating rate among the groups [52.6% (10/19), 66.7% (10/15), 44.0% (11/25) : 5, 20, 40 IU group respectively] ; however, ther was a significant (p<0.01) increase of embryo retrieval rates in 5 and 20 IU-treated groups compared with that in 40 IU-treated group [89.2% (239-268), 85.5% (224/262), 40.0% (18/45)]. There was significant (p<0.01) increase of embryo development rates in 5 IU-treated group compared with that in 20 and 40 IU-treated group [231/239(96.7), 179/224(79.9), 77.8(14/18)]. In conclusion, higher doses of PMSG injection increased the occurrence of abnormal oocytes ovulation in immature mice. The most of oocytes collected from 5 or 20 IU-PMSG-treated group has fertilizabioity. But in mice injected iwth higher doses of PMSG, their oocytes exhibit less fertilizability and, even fertilized, all oocytes are not fully capable of development.

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