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논문 상세정보

Nitro oxide in human cytomegalovirus replication and gene expression

The journal of microbiology v.35 no.2 , 1997년, pp.152 - 157  

Infection of human fibroblast (HF) cells with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) result in changes in the intracellular level of second messengers. Since nitric oxide (NO) production has been known to be related with other second messengers, it is probable that HCMV infection of HF cells may involve NO. To test this possibility, the amount of NO was measured following ogenous addition of NO generators such as sodium nitroprusside (SNP) or S-nitroso-N-a-cetylpenicillamine (SNAP) immediately after HCMV infection, however, inhibited virus multiplication. Furthermore, immunoblot experiment using monoclonal antibody to HCMV major immediate early (MIE) proteins or CAT assay using pCMVIE/CAT (plasmid containing CAT gene driven by HCMV MIE promoter) revealed that SNP or SNAP blocked the MIE gene expression. SNP was more effective than SNAP in hibiting HCMV multiplication or MIE gene expression. SNP produced more NO than SNAP in inhibiting HCMV multiplication or MIE gene expression. SNP produced more NO than SNAP. Although the mechanism for the inhibition of HCMV multiplication and MIE gene expression by NO is still elusive some correlation with NO-mediated inhibition of HCMV-induced increase in cytosolic free Ca$^<$TEX>2+/ concentration ([Ca$^<$TEX>2+/]) was observed. The increase of [Ca$^<$TEX>2+/] following HCMV infection was inhibited by SNP, and less effectively by SNAP. Raising [Ca$^<$TEX>2+/ with bromo-A23187 partially reversed the SNP block of MIE gene expression. Thus, there appear to e some relationships among NO. [Ca$^<$TEX>2+/], and HCMV MIE gene expression.

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