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유전자 알고리즘을 이용한 비용 최대화에 의한 에지추출

Cost Maximization Approach to Edge Detection Using a Genetic Algorithm


Edge detection is the first step and very important step in image analysis. We cast edge detec¬tion as a problem in cost maximization. This is acheived by the formulation of a cost function that evaluates the quality of edge configurations. The cost function can be used as a basis for compar¬ing the performances of different detectors. We used a Genetic Algorithm for maximizing cost func¬tion. Genetic algorithms are a class of adaptive search techniques that have been intensively stud¬ied in recent years and have been prone to converge prematurely before the best solution has been found. This paper shows that carefully chosen modifications(three factors of the crossover opera¬tor) are implemented can be effective in alleviating this problem.

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