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논문 상세정보

수입의류와 국산의류에 대한 소비자의식 연구 - 서울지역 대학생을 중심으로

A Study of Consumer's Consciousness on Imported Apparel and Domestic Apparel - Centering around College Students of Seoul area -


In light of the problem of imported apparel that tends to increase rapidly this study was intended to inquire into the assessment of male and female college students about the brands of imported apparel relative to dom-estic apparel based on quality perception price pirceptionand social psychological perception. And it is concerned with making a compara-tive study of the difference in consumer's con-sciousness of clothing between subjects by dividing them into the group of preference for imported apparel the group of non-preference for it on the basis of their ratings. As a consequence the following study results were obtained. 1) As a result of comparing college students' ratings for quality perception price perception and social psychological perception of impor-ted apparel all three factors were shown to have the high average value in care of the group of preference for imported apparel and to have a significant difference between groups. 2) As a consequence of making a compara-tive study of the difference in the clothing at-titude between groups the group of prefer-ence for imported apparel showed the high av-erage value about brand preference and identi-fication clothing involvement and interper-sonal perception through clothing and to hjave a significant difference with the group of pref-erence for imported apparel in terms of the peripheral environment and the place of pur-chase. 3) As a result of making a comparison of the difference in demographic factors between groups it was analyzed that female clollege students especially college women in the departments of art and physical education had the higher preference for imported apparel. And it was shown that they had the higher preference for imported apparel the greater amount of pocket money they had. Broader and deeper studies are required to be made about imported apparel in a multifaceted way. Therefore follow-on studies will have to be actively conducted such as a study of con-sumer's evaluation about imported apparel and domestic apparel charged at th same range of prices and a study of the difference on con-sumer's consciousness of imported apparel found over age span of consumers.

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