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논문 상세정보

여성구두의 상표이미지 평가와 상표선호도에 관한연구

A Study on the Image Evaluation and preference of Brand Name of Women's Shoes


The purpose of this study was to classify the attributes of brand image criteria of women's shoes to compose the perceptual map of the brand by factor analysis and to examine the differences in brand preferences and purchase methods of shoes according to demographic variables. 10 brand names were selected for the study Samples were 271 women in Seoul Korea :143 were college students and 128 were career women.The data were analyzed using factor analy-sis multiple regression analysis one-way ANOVA Duncan's multiple range test x2-test t-test. The results of the study were the -followings: 1. Four segments of brand image attributes of women's shoes derived by factor analysis: F. 1. 'utility' F.2'appearance' ; F. 3 'sales promotion' ; F.4 'financial factor'. 2. As the result of draw up the perceptual map 'landrover' was high in utility but low in appearance 'Misope' and 'Mook' was low in utility but high in appearance. 'Fashion Leader' was in the nearest ideal direction to the utility and appearance. 3. The preference level of the shoes brand name was in order of the 'Fashion Leader'. 'Mook' and 'Soda' But consumers possessed 'Landrover' the most 4. There were significant differences among preference level of ' Landrover' and 'Misope' according to the social class. There were sig-nificant differences among possession level of 'Misope' and 'Soda' according to the social class 5. the middle and lower class consumers used an exchange ticket during the bargain sales more than upper class when they pur-chase shoes.

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