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논문 상세정보

얼굴유형과 의복 네클라인과의 조화연구

The Effects of Face Types and A Detail of Clothes on Visual Evaluation


The purpose of this study was to examine aesthetic effects of face type and necklines of one piece dress one of details in clothes on visual evaluation. For this study two set of stages were processed. At first stage data were collected from female college students in Kwang Ju.Chonnam. Subjects between the aged of 18-26 were took pictured of their faces then they were classified into 7 groups That is egg ob-long round square inverted triangle triangle and diamond shapes. At second stage two sets of experimental design were utilized based on the classified face types. A set of design was 5$\times$4 design which involved 5 levels (egg oblong round inverted triangle and diamong shape) of face type and 4 levels(round boat vee and square neckline) of basic neckline. Another set of de-sign also was 5$\times$4 design which involved 5 levels of face type and 4 levels of modified neckline. As experimental treatment the stimulus materials and questionnaires were employed. The qustionnaires were consisted of visual evaluations on the stimulus materials by using semantic differential scale,. The experiments were proceeded through 2 week by 30 subjects composed of gaduate students and staffs in some departments of Clothing and Textiles at college. Data were analyzed by Frequencies Mean Factor Analysis TTest ANOVA and Ducan's Multiple Range Test. The major results were as followed: 1. There were significant aesthetic effects of face type on visual evaluations, Especially egg and inverted triangle shape among the face types were evaluated more aesthetic than the other face shapes. 2. There were signifiant aesthetic effects of the neckline types on visual evaluations, Es-pecially vee neckline among necklines were more aesthetic than the other necklines,. 3. As compared with the basic neckline types and the modified neckline types the modified necklines were assessed more aes-thetically than the basic necklines. 4, The face type and he neckline type were influenced interactively on visual evauations Specifically it showed that oblong round and diamond shape of face type were matched to vee neckline more than the other necklines, Also it showed that the egg and inverted tri-angle shape wee matched to round vee and squre neckline more than boat neckline.

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  1. 2000. "A Study on Impression Formation According to Design Elements of Wedding Dresses and Perceiver's Gender(Part I) -Emphasis on Silhouettes and Necklines of Wedding Dresses-" 한국의류학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 24(5): 724~735 


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