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논문 상세정보

조선중기 일상복의 구조와 구성 - 16.17C 출토복식중심

A Study on the Daily Clothes of the Middle Years of the Chosun Dynasty - Based on the Excavated Costume -


Most of the recently-exhumed excavat-ed costume is the garment for the dead which is one of the costume of funeral rite Investigating the birth and death years of the dead reveals that the excavated cos-tume was mostly used in the 16th and 17th centuries, . The study on the change of clothes in-cludes two aspects; one is manifestication of the structure of clothes and the other is elucidation of the constructure of clothes through examining constructure compo-nents and constructure compo-nents and construction method. This study investigates the costume of the midddle years of the Chosun dynasty in these aspects by examining the excavated Costume of 16th and 17th centries and Ryesu. This study also aims to assist to comprehend the constructure of costume by comparing actual excavated clothes with chronological standards through in-specting diverse clothes in a specified pe-riod. The construction of the clothes of the middle years of the Chosun dynasty is different depending on the purpose of theclothes and the principle of sewing is set up on the bases of mentality and body That is the Costume stands for the individual social and men-tal world of the people at that time since the external construction of the clothes represents their social rank and the inter-nal construction of sewing symbolizes their mentality. The characteristics features of the clothes of the middle years of the Chosun dy-nasty coexistence of diverse sorts and patterns indicates a change in clothes. This suggests that the clothes of a partic-ular class last and change in role corre-sponding to formation lasting and extinc-tion of the class. Thus diversityof the sort of general costume advancement of pattern and the change of clothes de-pending on the change of the class signify that the middle years of the Chosun- dy nasty is a period in which the general costume is actively developed and a turn-ing point for transforming the traditional clothes into new ones, . In other words the middle years of the Chosun dynasty is characterized as an era during which a castume native to Korea is formed with respect to the structure and constructure of clothes.

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