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논문 상세정보


A census of the forest vegetation of Mt. Kaya National Park was taken with respect to the medthods of ordination and classification. Eight groups were classified by cluster analysis : Quercus mongolica, Q. mongolica-Sasa borealis, Q. serrata, Q. variabilis, Carpinus laxiflora, Cornus controversa, Fraxinus mandshurica and Pinus densiflora. Among them, the Q. mongolica group and Q. mongolica-S. borealis group, the F. mandshurica group and C. controversa group showed similar floristic compositions to each other. The interrelationship between the floristic compositon of the vegetation and soil environment was analyzed by PCA, the Q. mongolica group and the Q. mongolica-S. borealis group were distributed in areas of high CEC and total nitrogen content, while the Q. serrata. Q. variabilis. C. laxiflora and Pinus densiflora groups formed their communities in the more moderate areas of pH, soil moisture and soil organic matter. F. mandshurica and C. controversa groups were distributed in the areas of high soil moisture, soil organic matter, pH and available phosphate.

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