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까치박달과 서어나무의 광합성과 수분관계에 미치는 토양 침수의 영향

The Effect of Soil Flooding on Photosynthesis and Water Relations of Carpinus cordata and Carpinus laxiflora


To explanin allopatric distribution of Carpinus cordata and C. laxiflora in the field the effect of soil flooding on photosynthesis and water relations was tested with field grown saplings. Under the flooding condition stomatal conductance of C. laxiflora decreased markedly from day two after flooding treatment and remanined low throughout the experiment. In contrast, flooding had no effect on stomatal conductance of C. cordata throughout the exper iment. The rate of photosynthesis of C. laxiflora was significantly suppressed under flooding conditions, whereas that of C. cordata was not affected in the flooded condition. On day seven after flooding treatment xylem pressure potential of C. laxiflora significantly decreased. Flooding, however, did not have any effect on the xylem pressure potential of C. cordata throughout the experiment. From these findings it is concluded that there is a difference in resistance to flooding between C. cordata and C. laxiflora and that one of the the factors responsible for allopatric distribution in the two species is flooding.

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