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대두 캘러스의 동위효소 패턴에 미치는 리기다소나무 추출액의 영향

Effects of Pinus rigida Extract of Isozyme Patterns of Glycine max Callus


The seeds and callus induced from the root of Glycine max were used as test materials. When the seed was treated with the different concentrations of Pinus rigida extract, there was a more striking inhibition of seedling growth than of seed germination. The callus of the control group was in good condition, but when treated with 5% extract there was generalized browning and cell division was decreased in the upper part of the callus. There was no difference in the fresh and dry weights in 2% extract treatment but there was dramatic repression at concentrations higher than 5%. The band activity of peroxidase isozyme in treated callus was elevated, while that of esterase was inhibited.

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