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논문 상세정보

북한산국립공원의 현존식생과 잠재자연식생

Actual Vegetation Potential Natural Vegetation of Pukhansan National Park, Mid-western Korea


The potential natural vegtation of the Pukhansan National Park area, mid-western Korea, was inferred from the actual vegetation. With the phytosociological classification and field surveys, the actual vegetation map of the park area was made on a scale of 1:25, 000, including fourteen communities. By the analyses of the species diversity, the age structure, the human interferences and various informations on vegetation changes, two pathways of late stage succession from Pinus densiflora forests to the climatic climax were suggested. One is from Quercus serrata forests to Q. mongolica forests throughout the mountain and the other, from Q. variabilis or Q. acutissima forests to Carpinus laxiflora forests in lower parts. Considering the vegetation changes, the potential natural vegetation of the park area mainly composed of Q. mongolica, C. laxiflora, P. densiflora and Zelkova serrata forest as the climatic and/or edaphic climax was inferred.

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