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논문 상세정보

박강판 제조공정에서의 소재 굽힘변형과 잔류만곡 발생 해석

Analysis of Deformation and Residual Curvature of Steel Sheets in Strip Process Lines


In order to analyze the deformation and residual curvature of steel sheets in the strip processing lines, a program for calculating curvature and work hardening of sheet was developed. Strip deformation caused by repeated bending under tension in the process lines was analyzed on the basis of the incremental-plasticity theory with the mixed hardenting model for the purpose of predicting the strip shape and the yield stress change. The developed calculation program was applied to predict curl and gutter of sheets within a 10% difference. The yield stress increment was also predicted with the similar accuracy. Application of the model to tension legvelling process showed that gutter could be controlled by intermesh and elongation. The yield stress increment in the electro-galvanizing line calculated by the developed program was found to be dependent on the yield strength, the applied tension and the diameter of the smallest roll.

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