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논문 상세정보

알루미늄합금의 반용융 단조 및 주조공정에 관한 수치해석

Numerical Analysis on Semi-Solid Forging and Casting Process of Aluminum Alloys


The behaviour of alloys in the semi-solid state strongly depends on the imposed stress state and on the morphology of the phase which can vary from dendritic to globular. To optimal net shape forging of semi-solid materials, it is important to investigate for filling phenomena in forging process of arbitrarily shaped dies. To produce a automotive part which has good mechanical property, the filling pattern according to die velocity and solid fraction distribution has to be estimated for arbitrarily shaped dies. Therefore, the estimation of filling characteristic in the forging simulation with arbitrarily shaped dies of semi-solid materials are calculated by finite element method with proposed algorithm. The proposed theoretical model and a various boundary conditions for arbitrarily shaped dies is investigated with the coupling calculation between the liquid phase flow and the solid phase deformation. The simulation process with arbitrarily shaped dies is performed to the isothermal conditions of two dimensional problems. To analysis of forging process by using semi-solid materials, a new stress-strain relationship is described, and forging analysis is performed by viscoelastic model for the solid phase and the Darcy's law for the liquid flow. The calculated results for forging force and filling limitations will be compared to experimental data. The filling simulation of simple products performed with the uniform billet temperature(584$^{\circ}C$) from the induction heating by the commercial package MAGMAsoft. The initial step of computation is the touching of semi-solid material with the end of die gate and the initial concept of proposed system just fit with the capability of MAGMAsoft.

저자의 다른 논문

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

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