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논문 상세정보

충격시험을 이용한 고정밀장비의 진동허용규제치 결정기법에 관한 연구

A Study on the Determination of Vibration Criteria for Vibration Sensitive Equipments Using Impact Test

소음진동 = Journal of KSNVE v.7 no.2 , 1997년, pp.247 - 254  

In the case of a precision equipment, it requires a vibration free environment to provide its proper function. Especially, lithography and inspection devices, which have sub-nanometer class high accuracy and resolution, have come to necessity for producing more improved giga class semiconductor wafers. This high technology equipments require very strict environmental vibration standard in proportion to the accuracy of the manufacturing, inspecting devices. The vibration criteria are usually obtained either by the real vibration exciting test on the equipment or by the analytical calculation. This paper proposes a new method to solve this problem at a time. The permissible vibration level to a precision equipment can be easily obtained by analyzing a process of Frequency Response Function. This paper also demonstrates its effectiveness by applying the proposed method to finding the vibration criteria of a Computer Hard Disk Driver by Impact Test.

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