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논문 상세정보

회전 창문함수를 적용한 위그너-빌 분포함수와 그 특성

Wigner-Ville Distribution Applying the Rotating Window and Its Characteristics

소음진동 = Journal of KSNVE v.7 no.5 , 1997년, pp.747 - 756  

Wigner-Ville distribution which is a time-frequency analysis has a fatal drawback, when the signal has multiple components. This is the cross-talk and often causes a neagative value in the distribution. Wingner-Ville distriution is an expression of power, therefore the cross-talk must be avoided. Smoothing the Wigner-Ville distribution by convoluting it with a window, is most commonly used to reduce the cross-talk. There can be infinite number of distributions depending on the windows. But, the smoothing reduces resolution in time-frequency plane; this motives to design a more effective window in reducing cross-talk while remaining resolution. The domain in which the cross-talk and legitimate components can be easily distinguished, is the ambiguity function. In the ambiguity function domain, the legitimate components appear as linear lines passing through the orgine. But, the cross-talk is widely distributes in the ambiguity function plane. Based on the relative distributions of cross-talk and legitimate components, rotating window can be designed to minimize cross-talk. Applying the rotating window to the ambiguity function corresponds to smoothing the Wigner-Ville distribution. Therefore, the effects of rotating window is estimated in terms of the bias error due to smooting the Wigner-Ville distribution. By applying the rotating window, not only the Wigner-Ville distribution but also its properties are changed. The properties of the new distribution are checked, in order to complete analyzing the rotating window.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 1999. "A Study on Estimation of Damping Coefficient Using Wavelet Transform and Its Application to the Evaluation of Harshness in Passenger Car" 소음진동 = Journal of KSNVE, 9(3): 577~586 


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