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Protein kinase C an enzyme of signal transduction has been known to regulate cell proliferation activation as well as apoptosis in some cancer cell lines. To explore the role of PKC in the course of cell mediated autoimmune disease such as experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) EAE was induced in Lewis rats(6-8 weeks old) with immunization of myelin basic protein supplemented with complete Freund's adjuvants and affected spinal cords were sampled at days 13 postimmunization(PI) as peak stage of EAE and at days 21 PI as recovery stage. The spinal cords with EAE were subjected to Northern blot analysis and insitu hybridization of PKC delta which is one of prominant isotypes of PKC in the haematopoietic cells. Northern blot analysis showed that levels of PKS delta mRNA in the spinal cords of rats withEAE was significantly increased at days 13 PI in which inflammatory cells including T cells and macrophages in the EAE lesions appeared. however the stage. By in situ hybridization signals of PKC delta in EAE lesions was intensely expressed on the delta is also expressed on some brain cells in normal rat central nervous system This finding suggests that PKC plays an important role on either activation of inflammatory cells including encephalitogenic T cells and macrophages or apoptotic elimination of some inflammatory cells depending on the stge of EAE.

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