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논문 상세정보

한우 체외수정란의 이동 소요시간이 생존율에 미치는 영향

Effects of Transport Duration on Viability of In Vitro Produced Korean Native Cattle Embryos


Experiments were conducted to assess the effect of quality and viability of bovine blastocysts derived from in-vitro culture(IVC) of in vitro matured and fertilized(IVM-IVF) oocytes during their transport 2 hours. Follicular oocytes were collected form ovaries obtained at a slaughterhouse and were cultured for 24 hours in TCM-199. The IVM oocytes were fertilized in vitro with caudal epididymis spermatozoa. Fertilized oocytes were cultured for 7 to 9 days, and embryos that developed to the blastocyst stage were used for the experiment. The blastocysts, packed in straws with storage medium that consisted TCM-199 with HEPES equilibratd in air and supplemented with 10% FCS were transported at 39~(2.0 h). The quality of blastocysts was assessed and ranked as A(excel-lent), B(Good), fair or poor after transportation. The percentages of A and B grade blastocysts after transport duration for < 1 hours(97.7%) were similar to the result from transport duration for 1~2 hours (92.9%) and 2~3 hours(89.6%), but significantly(P9day (40.0%). And early to expanded blastocyst produced in vitro were transferred to recipient cow by additional embryos at 7 and 8th day after AI. Three of them were pregnant to term and produced four twin calves, and two calves was premature birth. The gestation lengths of male to female and female to female twin were 282 and 281 days, respectively. And birth weight of twin calves were male to female(22.Skg) and female to female twin(20.3Okg), respectively.

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