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논문 상세정보

토러스 다중컴퓨터를 위한 입출력 자원의 배치와 성능 분석

Placement and Performance Analysis of I/O Resources for Torus Multicomputer


Performance bottleneck of parallel computer systems has mostly been I/O devices because of disparity between processor speed and I/O speed. Therefore I/O node placement strategy is required such that it can minimize the number of I/O nodes, I/O access time and I/O traffic in an interconnection network. In this paper, we propose an optimal distance-k embedding algorithm, and analyze its effect on system performance when this algorithm is applied to n x n torus architecture. We prove this algorithm is an efficient I/O node placement using software simulation. I/O node placement using the proposed algorithm shows the highest performance among other I/O node placements in all cases. It is because locations of I/O nodes are uniformly distributed in the whole network, resulting in reduced traffic in the intE'rconnection network.

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