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논문 상세정보

국제 자연보존 연맹의 정의이해를 통한 우리 국립공원의 근본적 문제에 관한 고찰

Problems and issues of Korea's national parks from the perspective of the IUCN's definitions


Nature preservatio has been a main stream trend as the purpose and meaning of world's national park management since the definition of a national park was first adopted at the IUCN meeting in New Delhi in 1969. However, Korea's national parks have been managed in a direction opposed to that of the world trend. The internationally accepted meaning defines a national park is the most important system for nature conservation, where an ecosystem must be preserved in as much of a natural state as possible. It also defines a national park is a place where only the minimum amount of human intervention is allowed. The role of tourism, which was initially expected to play a significant role in national parks, has been reduced to the extent where tourism in national parks is allowed only to the point where conflicts arising from local socio-economic interests tied up to the tourism can be dealt with. From this perspective, Korea's national parks are being challenged to establish new relationship between mean and nature and to develop management based on ethical grounds for future generations.

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