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논문 상세정보

Arc Ion Plating 방식에 의한 TiCN 증착시 반응가스가 코팅층에 미치는 영향

The effect of reactive gases on the propertise of TiCN layer synthesized by Arc Ion plating process


This work was intended to study the effect of a partial pressure ratio and a total pressure of reactive gases on the properties of TiC$_{x}$N$_{1-x}$ . coated layer. In this regard, various TiC$_{x}$N$_{1-x}$ coatings were synthesized with C2112 and N2 Mixture gas of different compositions by Arc Ion Plating process which has been highlighted for an industrial purpose. It was revealed from colors and X-ray diffraction patterns that the concentration of carbon of a TiC$_{x}$N$_{1-x}$ coating increases with a partial pressure ratio (PC$_{2}$H$_{2}$/PN$_{2}$) as well as a total pressure Of $C_{2}$H$_{2}$ and N$_{2}$ mixture gas. Accordingly, the hardness of TiC$_{x}$N$_{1-x}$ coated layer increased but the adhesion to the substrate of SKH 51 was degraded. On the other hand, the deposition rate was independent of a partial pressure ratio and a total pressure of mixture gas. It was found that a uniform gas distribution is critical for an industrial application since the composition of a coating depends strongly on the location of a substrate inside of the furnace. As a result of milling tests with different TiC$_{x}$N$_{1-x}$ coated end mills, the one which has a low carbon concentration was better than others studied in this work.d in this work.

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