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Critical too-Phase flow rates of subcooled water through Short Pipes (L 140039n) with small diameters (D$\leq$7.15 min) have been experimentally investigated for wide ranges of subcooling (0~199$^{\circ}C$) and pressure (0.5~2.0 MPa). To examine the effects of various parameters (i.e., the location of flashing inception, the degree of subcooling, the stagnation temperature and pressure, and the pipe size) on the critical two-phase flow rates of subcooled water through short pipes with small diameters, a total of 135 runs were made for various combinations of test parameters using four different L/D test sections. Experimental results that show effect of various parameters on subcooled critical two phase flow rates are presented in the form of graphs such as the dimensionless mass flux ( $G^{*}$) versus the dimensionless subcooling ( $T_{sub}$$^{*}$) curve. An empirical correlation expressed in terms of a dimensionless subcooling is also obtained for subcooled two-phase flow rates through present test sections. Comparisons between the mass fluxes calculated by present correlation and a total of 755 selected experimental data points of 9 different investigators show that the agreement is fairly good except for very low subcooling data obtained from small L/D (less than 10) orifices.s.s.s.

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